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Don Jacobs
Don Jacobs Don was born in the four corners region of New Mexico. During his youth he spent time big game hunting and fishing with his father. Don was introduced to waterfowl hunting on the Animas and San Juan rivers in New Mexico where it was anyone's guess as to the species of ducks you would harvest and harvesting a goose was a rarity. He moved to Denver, Colorado in search of a change and found what he was looking for. Most people would think of Denver as an area devoid of wildlife. Don knew all you had to do is open your eyes and mind to find what you are looking for. He spent 5 years guiding big game hunters in the mountains north of Vail, CO and fly fisherman in the waters around Kremmling, CO. Where he successfully guided clients to trophy class animals and cultivated friendships that will last a life time.

Don has now been waterfowl hunting for over 20 years and has no problem harvesting birds or anything else that he decides to hunt. He operates two websites, USAWaterfowl.com and ColoradoWaterfowl.com that are dedicated to waterfowl hunters, outdoorsmen and women. He now spends his time hunting and fishing with his friends and new comers to the sports. Let him tell you from experience, "It is a rush to get a big bull elk into archery range, but it is a bigger thrill to have 200 geese wings locked and feet down".

Chris Jones
Don Jacobs Chris was born and raised on a family farm in central Iowa. He developed a strong love for the outsdoors and all it had to offer. He was invited to accompany a family friend to the local duck marsh, one cold and blusty Iowa day. From that day forward, he knew where he was meant to be...in pursuit of waterfowl.

He moved to southern Missouri at the age of 13. Throughout his early years, he developed an even strong love towards the outdoors. The fall migration, brought an aboundance of Mallards and Canada geese into the backwater sloughs and field. As time went by, he had made waterfowl hunting more of a priority in his life. He hunted everyday before or after school throughout the year. Often, times the bell would ring without him. He is convinced the principal, whom is also a watefowl hunter, "knew his pain".

A career move brought him to Colorado in 2001. He resides on a small ranch spending the off season with his horses and cattle. He thrives on waterfowl now more then ever. He hunts on average of 60 to 80 days a year. The 2003 season took him to 3 flyways and Canada. He enjoys introducng the youth in the world that waterfowl hunting created for him.While now he primarly hunts geese, he can still be found where it all started, 20 years ago, knee deep in a backwater slough.

Tony Hartlage
Tony Hartlage owner of Wingtipsdown LLC. Owner of Wingtipsdown LLC. I am 40 yrs old, Married to a great wife, 1 step son and 2 boys. I love to hunt just about anything. I have been hunting Waterfowl for 5 yrs. I set out on a venture to be a "Custom" Call Maker. Not just a Call Maker, but a "Custom" Call Maker. I make all my calls in a manual lathe. I truly love the Lathe. I won competitions in high school working with all machines, but I would always score 100 on the lathe projects. I truly love all calls, and look up to the big guys in this Industry. I want to be the "Custom" Call Maker that everyone knows down the road. I want to be the "Custom" Call Maker that has the awesome sounds for Waterfowl. I want to do other things in this industry, but I will never make more than 150 Custom Calls per year. I have settled in with what I want to do, with my style and look for the calls, as you can see from this site. If I could pass one thing along it would be "you can't kill nothing sitting at home - hunt every opportunity that you get". I want to personally thank you for visiting, and take pictures of your adventures.

Mike Miller
Mike Miller - 2006 Colorado State Duck Calling Champion 2006 Colorado State Duck Calling Champion
Mike is an avid outdoorsman, born on the east coast in Pennsylvania where he began waterfowl hunting at an early age of 8 years old. And moved on to join the US Army where my passion for hunting waterfowl grew even stronger while being able to hunt in different parts of the country and meet many w aterfowler's along the way. When he was stationed at Fort Carson he knew that he would be back to Colorado on a permanent basis. December of 2004 he was medically retired from the military after 12 years and made Colorado his home. Mike is a multi-talented outdoorsman and guides fly fishing trips on the Arkansas River and fishes almost everyday during the waterfowl off season.

Mike hunts Colorado, Maryland, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Canada to get an early start on the season. In 2005 he started Competition goose calling and steadily finishing higher with each Competition he attends. Mike also is a Pro Staff member of Avery and Hodgeman Guide Staff. He is a dedicated sportsman and enjoys getting new comers and youngsters involved in the sport of waterfowl hunting when ever possible.

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